Paradise Weddings Hawaii – A division of WOW on Big Island Hawaii


Welcome to the new look of Paradise Weddings Hawaii. As a new division of WOW (A White Orchid Wedding Inc.) on Big Island Hawaii, we would like to introduce you to one of the most diverse, and unique ecosystems in the world for your special day.
Kona side, including Captain Cook area of Big Island is known for the dry, sunny, warm sunsets, and beautiful white, black, and green sand beaches. Resorts and private estates run all along the coastline providing many options. Hilo side of Big Island is located on the northeast side of the island, most famous for the lush, green hawaiian rainforest with hundreds of waterfalls, hawaiian fruit trees, and beautiful rivers. The northwestern tip of Big Island, Hawi has a very unique ecosystem from the rest of the Big Island, as it is the oldest and most developed landmass. Littered with waterfalls and beautiful coastline, it sits up along the cliff, as a quaint local town and beautiful banyan trees.
Waimea is the famous Paniolo(Hawaiian cowboy) town, with local shops and a countryside feel. Sitting in the saddle of two of the largest of Big Island’s mountains, this also has popular wedding locations amongst the rolling grassy hills and beautiful country estates and chapels. Paradise Weddings Hawaii is here to offer many unique wedding packages and wedding locations for Big Island Hawaii. Resorts, private estates, beachfront sandy beach sunset weddings, or just a small oceanfront chapel are all possible options amoungs many others to cater to your special day.